I am Phanitphang Lungleng of Talui village, Ukhrul District Manipur. I am working in Manipur State Power Company Limited as a Junior System Assistant. I am a beginner in digital marketing. I am here to blog on life alliance. I want to share my opinion to the youths how to make a good relationship with a boy/girl and build a good family.

A family is the beginning of a society and husband and wife are the beginning of a family. So to build a good society and to live in peace and prosperity we need a good family. To build a good family we need good husband and wife and to make good husband and wife we need a good boy friend/ girlfriend

Secondly more than 60 percent of our lifetime is married life. If my wife is good I shall be happy till the end of life. If my wife is not good I shall be sad for more than 60 percent of my lifetime.

Whether good or bad, happy or sad, love or hate, husband and wife should live together serving each other till the end of life. The husband can not take another woman and the wife can not go to another man. We can not sell. We can not change, we can not discard. Once married is married. ” What God has United, man can not divide it”. SO LIFE ALLIANCE IS VERY IMPORTANT.

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