The best thing you can  give to your spouse is always with you and is free of cost.

Do you want to make your spouse happy?

Do you want to give your spouse the best thing you have and live together happily till the end of life?

If you are beautiful, your  husband will be happy

If you are handsome, your wife will be happy

But beauty and handsomeness are not in your hand. Beauty is the creation of God.

If you are learned, your spouse will be happy

But knowledge is a gift of God

To be learned, you need education, you need to read lot of books. It consumes a lot of time in reading books. You can not get education without any cost.  your parent pay the cost of your education.

If you are rich, your spouse will be happy

To be rich, you need a good luck, you need an opportunity, you need a good environment and you need to work hard. Wealth does not come freely but it comes with sweat. You can not be rich in a day.

Then what are the things that are free?

You have two eyes. You can look after your spouse. You can see whether he/she is well or ill. You have two ears. You can listen to what your spouse says. You have one mouth. You can say “thank Q” when he/she gives you a cup of water, you can appreciate when he/she does well, you can say something when he/she is wrong, you can encourage him/her when he/she is going to start a work. You have two hands and two legs. You can go a few steps and do something for your spouse.

And the best thing you have is your face. You can smile at your spouse. Smile cost you nothing. Smile is a great medicine. It can cure  all pains and sorrows. But smile does not originate from the face itself. It originates from the heart

So the best thing you can give to your spouse is your heart. And the same is the most you want from him/her. It is always with you and is free of cost. All your love is in your heart. If you can not give your heart to your spouse, your beauty/handsomeness, your smartness, your learnedness, your wealth all are useless. If you give your heart, what else your spouse will ask from you? It is costlier than the costliest pearls. Heart is the perfect love.

Your heart makes your spouse happy

Your heart makes your children happy

Your heart makes your family grow up

Your heart makes life peaceful

Your heart makes life beautiful

And remember, life is so short.

Love one another with all your heart and make each other happy with your heart right today, tomorrow it will be too late.


Published by Phanitphang Lungleng

I am Phanitphang Lungleng of Talui village Ukhrul District Manipur. I am working in Manipur State Power Company Limited as a Junior System Assistant .

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