Look before you leap into marriage, you may face a midway crisis

Midway crisis is a situation where a wife or a husband can neither go ahead nor go back

If your spouse treats you as a slave, can you live together with him/her?

Can you call off the marriage?

In politics and in business, if your partner is not good to you, you can call off the alliance in the midway. You can cancel all the agreements, you can return any sum of money or property

But in marriage going back is not possible at all. Once the husband and the wife become one flesh, they should live together till the end of life. After marriage a man is no more a celebate and a woman is no more a virgin. Celebacy and virginity can not be returned. Though your spouse is not good at all to you, you can not sell him/her, you can not exchange or you can not discard.

Some people are not learned, not rich and not good at anything yet they are very proud. They do not show any respect to others. Sometimes husbands treat their wives like animals. Sometimes wives treat their husbands like animals. So many instances have happened. And many will happen. Such people do nothing good for their families, they are irresponsible persons. They only create problems in the families. They torture their spouses mentally or physically intentionally. They are ungrateful people.

Yes we know that no one is perfect. Everybody has a defect and a weakness. We all commit mistakes. But there are limits. We keep in mind that it is good to forgive one another. We can forgive thousand time. But if he/she treats you unwell intentionally you can not forgive him/her. If the ill-treatment is unlimited, your patience may be exhausted. We are humans, we are not stones. You may no longer love him/her.  So in such situation where the husband and the wife can not live together, separation is the only option. Separation is better than fight.

When husband and wife are separated, it is equally unfortunate for both. The husband as well as the wife will suffer. And the greater misfortune is for the children. How much pain it will be for the children. You may not love your spouse but you love your children. Your children do nothing wrong to you. Your children are born of your own blood. How can you abandon your children?

On the other hand divorce is illegal. If a man takes another woman, it is an adultery. In the same way if a woman go to another man, it is an adultery. Adultery is a great sin. We can not do it at all.

You can not continue to live together with your spouse . On the other hand you can not divorce.  This is midway crisis. You have no solution for this problem .And you will have this crisis till the end of your life. What a headache is this?

So look before you leap into marriage or you may face a midway crisis. It is better to choose a good man/woman at the beginning than to cry in the midway.

Published by Phanitphang Lungleng

I am Phanitphang Lungleng of Talui village Ukhrul District Manipur. I am working in Manipur State Power Company Limited as a Junior System Assistant .

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