What is romance?

Everyone loves his mother but he does not like her. Everyone likes a beautiful flower but he does not love it. A boy falls in love with a girl. He loves her and he likes her. He does not go out to love but love comes to him like a seed. It grows and rooted deep in his heart. This is called romance. He loves the girl not because she is good. He likes her not because she is beautiful. But he loves her because he likes her. He likes her because he loves her

Only one lover

Everybody likes a beautiful girl. There are thousands of beautiful girls. He does not fall in love with them all. He does not love even a Miss World. There are thousands of smart girls, thousands of polite girls and thousands of rich girls. But a boy has only one lover

Love is unconditional

In general you may not like a girl with black complection but your lover may be black in complection. You may not like a Hindu girl but your lover may be a Hindu. Your community and your lover’s community may be enemies or your family and her family are in opposition. The girl may be ugly, she may be very weak, she may be very poor but you don’t care of it if you love her.

Not everyone is romantic

Some people may be romantic but some may not be romantic in nature. A boy may be very smart and handsome but he may not be romantic. Another boy may not be smart and handsome but he may be romantic. Most of the romances are not fulfilled. Romantic marriage is rare. There are lots of obstacles and disturbances for romantic marriage. And among the few romantic marriages, it is not easy to get married. The lovers face so many difficulties. They bear so much pain.

Romantic marriage is the happiest in life.

Published by Phanitphang Lungleng

I am Phanitphang Lungleng of Talui village Ukhrul District Manipur. I am working in Manipur State Power Company Limited as a Junior System Assistant .

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